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Revolutionary Patent-Pending Abrasives Bond Technology Produces Improved Part Quality in Precision Grinding

Norton Abrasives has developed and launched Norton Vitrium3, the next generation of bonded abrasives products, engineered for maximum performance and cost savings in precision grinding.

An entirely new abrasives platform, Norton Vitrium3 features a patent-pending bond technology developed by the Saint-Gobain Abrasives R&D team. This revolutionary bond features an exclusive chemistry that promotes excellent grain adhesion, resulting in improved product versatility across a wide range of applications. Substantial performance improvements with Norton Vitrium3 are now attainable in all Norton abrasive grains, from proprietary Norton Quantum ceramic alumina to conventional aluminum oxide.

Norton Vitrium3 has three major features and benefits over standard vitrified bonds:

"Whether the goal is to reduce total cost per part, increase throughput, or improve work piece quality, Norton Vitrium3 is re-shaping the world of precision grinding to meet these needs," said Mr. Scott Leonard, Director of Product Management at Norton Abrasives. "This new technology will allow significant increases in production and also introduces the possibility of grinding instead of conventional machining on some operations."

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