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New CNC 5C Collet Pneumatic Indexer Offers Precision Alignment and Reduced Set-Up Time

The new 5C indexer from Sherline Products was designed to save setup time when used with a Bridgeport® type mill and an accurate 6" angle lock vise.

With the vise indicated in, the indexer can be quickly clamped either vertically or horizontally. Alignment with the vise is assured by the precision ground steel mounting plate. The pneumatic 5C collet is opened and closed with a simple push/pull knob. After the indexing operation is completed, the indexer is removed from the vise and you are back to where you were.

This patented indexer is based on Sherline's popular 4" CNC rotary table. While not intended for immersion in water-based coolant, it is suitable for mist spray of oil based coolant.

All programming is done right from a simple 110 VAC electronic driver control box that is connected by a strong 48" flexible conduit cable. The pneumatic collet closer requires an air source of 100-125 PSI.

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