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New 6' x 12' Laser-Cutting System Can Handle Workpiece Up to 3527 lbs.

Mazak Optonics Corp. now offers their OPTIPLEX CO2 laser-cutting system in a new 6' x 12' format. The new design incorporates all of the performance advantages of the original OPTIPLEX with an expanded workspace for larger jobs.

The OPTIPLEX 4020 can process materials ranging from the thinnest gage steel up to 1" thick mild steel with a workpiece weight capacity of up to 3,527 lbs. It also uses Mazak's fully automated AO/5 setup which overcomes the typical challenges of using varied workpiece materials by improving productivity, without compromising cutting conditions. These optimal cutting conditions can even be retained during extended, unattended operation.

To simplify machine operation, the OPTIPLEX 4020 also features the new PreView Control with a 15" touch screen and straightforward user interface. The graphical interface clearly visualizes the cutting path and automatically determines process conditions including the required lens, nozzle, feedrate and laser output for different materials and thicknesses.

The system features are complemented by a 4,000 watt Type 10 resonator with the highly efficient ECO Mode, which lowers operation costs.

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