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Revolutionary Waterjet Abrasive Recycling System Makes Recycling More Profitable Than Ever Before

WARDJet, Inc., a leading innovator in abrasive recycling technology, is continually improving and perfecting their patented process of recycling used waterjet abrasive. As a result of recent design enhancements, abrasive recycling is now possible for all waterjet companies and is more affordable than ever. WARDJet has proven abrasive cost per part can be drastically reduced with this standalone system.

In previous years, waterjet abrasive recycling was found to be most successful for companies using large volumes of abrasive who could recoup their investment in a short period of time. With recent ground breaking advancements to the WARD Pro system, this money saving process can be used by waterjet companies of all sizes. The latest WARD Pro has a new design that is more efficient, requires less maintenance and extends the life of consumables.

Every waterjet company has sludge abrasive which is collected and then often thrown away. Typically, at least half of this sludge is recoverable as usable abrasive. The WARD Pro takes this sludge from the tank in a controlled manner and after separating only the good, reusable abrasive, dries it. The resulting dry abrasive is mechanically transported into bags or a bulk feed hopper for immediate reuse in just 3 minutes. Recycled abrasive has been proven to cut at the same speed with the same abrasive flow rate as new. Who hasn't heard the cry to "Go Green"? With the WARD Pro, the volume of abrasive going to a landfill can be significantly reduced.

The WARD Pro has proved so successful, one company has purchased five recyclers to use at each of their locations and claim that recycling abrasive is one of the main reasons they have made a profit and been able to expand their capabilities.

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