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Newly Coated Ceramic Insert Ideal for Milling, Removal of Scale, and Interrupted Cuts

Greenleaf Corporation announces SIALOX™, the newest addition to its world-class line of ceramic insert cutting tools. This is a special class of high-temperature ceramic materials that exhibit high strength. SIALOX™ will demonstrate better tool life in removing scale and in interrupted machining as well as in the machining of Waspaloy and newer exotic materials such as Inconel 718 Plus.

SIALOX™ exhibits excellent thermal shock resistance, making it ideal for use in interrupted cuts, removal of scale and milling. The proprietary coating designed for SIALOX™ creates high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fracture toughness, low thermal expansion and oxidation resistance.

During the development of SIALOX™, Greenleaf focused on creating a new ceramic grade that could take the abuse related to machining rough forgings and castings of high-strength alloy materials. A ceramic grade with the unique combination of substrate and coating that SIALOX™ possesses will be very productive in a variety of materials.

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