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Upgraded High-Speed Production Gage for In-Process Inspection of Camshafts Up to 200 Parts per Hour

An upgraded gage for robot-fed 100% automotive camshaft inspection that has a new programmable headstock with 100 mm travel to handle most camshafts is being introduced by ADCOLE Corporation of Marlborough, MA.

The ADCOLE 1310 High-Speed Camshaft Gage features a new automatic programmable headstock along with an existing programmable tailstock that increases machine flexibility and provides rapid changeover for most camshaft families. Capable of handling changeovers automatically, this gage measures 10 or more parameters including radius, profile, taper, crown, timing angle, diameter, velocity, acceleration, run-out, roundness and concentricity.

Providing 0.1 micron resolution per data point, or 3,600 data points per revolution, the ADCOLE 1310 High-Speed Camshaft Gage can process up to 200 parts-per-hour. Standard features include dual computers, Windows XP® embedded software, GE Fanuc® motion controllers, and a graphic display that lets operators monitor throughput with green, yellow and red plots depicting in-tolerance, reaching control limits, and out of tolerance status.

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