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Wheel Truing and Dressing Machine Increases Efficiency By Profiling, Modifying Profiles, and Truing Wheels Properly

Ideal for tool manufacturers, grinding wheel manufacturers, and production grinding facilities, the economical Rush Model FC-250W Diamond / CBN Wheel Truing and Dressing Machine is designed for truing and dressing of flats, angles, and radii on diamond and CBN single wheels and multiple wheel packs.

The Model FC-250W allows for increased efficiency and accuracy by profiling, modifying profiles and truing wheels properly -- offline of the production grinding machinery. The machine is simple to operate, quick, accurate and cost effective.

Standard features include a computer-driven vision system with a software program specifically designed for the FC-250W and its various applications; an automatic power zoom; and a 2-axis DRO for measurement. Fully enclosed slides and ways result in minimal wear for long machine life. The heavy duty one piece cast iron base provides extra rigidity and minimizes vibration.

Options include an AZP (Automatic Zoom Positioning) computer controlled 2-axis slide for camera positioning, an automated version with PLC and servo control for truing wheel infeed and pivot axes, a dust collection system, and quick-change spindle adapters for most CNC and manual grinders.

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