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Key Improvements Enable Finishing Discs to Remove Up to 60% More Material

Walter Surface Technologies (WST) announced key enhancements to its cutting edge line of flap discs branded as Enduro-Flex and Enduro-Flex Turbo for metal finishing applications -- earning high marks in finishing performance, removal rate and cost efficiency.

Enduro Flex: leading flap disc for overall removal is now an eco-friendly alternative.

When it comes to the metal fabricating and finishing industry, having high performance and being eco-friendly are no longer mutually exclusive. In addition to being a high performance disc, the Enduro-Flex now foregoes the traditional plastic backing and has been improved with an innovative ECO-TRIM backing made from a base of natural and sustainable plant fibers. In 2013, Walter will manufacture millions of Enduro-Flex flap discs with the new backing -- helping to dramatically reduce plastic production output. Using less plastic reflects Walter's clear commitment to reducing the overall ecological footprint.

Designed as the ideal solution for finishing steel and stainless steel, Enduro-Flex flap discs require fewer changeovers, which help reduce waste and ensure greater operational efficiency. In comparative tests between flap discs, Enduro-Flex set the industry standard with 130% more steel removed than leading competition. This saves both time and costs while simultaneously providing an environmentally sound solution. A 5-inch disc with Grit 40 removes up to 2,500 grams over its lifespan -- performance is comparable in other Walter disc sizes and different grit sizes.

Enduro-Flex Turbo: an industry leader in "ultra high speed" removal times.

With 60% more material removal than before, Enduro-Flex Turbo, is the fastest cutting flap disc in the industry today. Designed for weld removal, edge breaking and blending applications, the new Enduro-Flex Turbo is faster than ever -- delivering top performance via a unique proprietary mixture of high content self-sharpening grains. Its built-in Cyclone Technology, along with an innovative new flap configuration enables operators to perform with an ultra fast cutting rate of a grit 36 with the finish of a grit 60. Enduro-Flex Turbo also provides Turbofan cooling (patent pending technology), meaning the piece being worked on stays cooler by at least 10%. This translates into less surface damage and longer disc life.

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Enduro Flex Turbo

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