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New Laser Cutting System Significantly Reduces Set-Up Time and Operates With Minimal Manpower

Bystronic Inc. will introduce the new ByAutonom 3015 laser cutting machine to the North American Market during their Open House June 5th and 6th. Developed from the beginning as a machine that operates autonomously, ByAutonom, in combination with an automation system such as the ByTrans, ByTower or ByCell, can be operated lightly-manned.

With ByAutonom, the labor tasks associated with laser setups and manned operations are significantly reduced thanks to features like the Automatic Lens Cassette Changer, Automatic Nozzle Changer and Automatic Nozzle Centering. With the latter, in the event of nozzle contact with a cut part, the system will automatically re-center the nozzle and then continue with cutting. Users have the option of incorporating the ByLaser 4400 or ByLaser 6000 watt CO2 laser sources. They also have the option of a rotary axis for the processing of tube profiles.

The latest generation linear motors accelerate the ByAutonom with amazing speed, enhancing the machine with dynamics unequalled by any other Bystronic system. The acceleration is further supported by the extremely rigid machine frame and the light-weight cutting bridge.

Also new are the innovative Condition Messenger and Maintenance Messenger control systems. The Condition Messenger graphically displays the status of individual components to the operator and informs him when a component should be checked. These components include the laser source, the nozzle changer, the focal length changer and the beam path. Integrated in the machine control package, the Maintenance Messenger displays to the operator when the machine and the laser source are due for maintenance.

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