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Vertical Turning Machines Offer Completely New Concept -- Making It Possible to Use Various Production Technologies for Soft and Hard Machining

With advantages such as a small footprint and high performance output, the new VL Platform line from EMAG has stepped it up a notch once again. The VL Platform consists of various machines, including the VL2 Modular Standard Machine, VL2Y with Y-axis option, VL2P featuring a double spindle arrangement for chip to chip times of less then 1 second, and the VT2 for shaft machining applications.

This new platform gives versatility, flexibility and efficiency on a wide spectrum of round parts. EMAG's new VL Platform has not only expanded to round up the platform offering into the 4" and smaller part spectrum but has also widened its range of applications such as turning, hard turning, ID grinding, OD grinding, and hobbing with both gears and shafts.

Here are some of the advantages of the VL line:

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