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New 50th Anniversary Parts and Engineering Catalog Features Over 10,000 Rings and Springs

Smalley Steel Ring Company, a leader in the manufacturing and development of Spirolox® Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springs has released its new 50th Anniversary Parts and Engineering Catalog for 2013. The new catalog combines previously existing Spirolox® Retaining Ring and Wave Spring series with newly released series.

Smalley's recently released Metric Hoopster and Laminar Seal Rings catalog have been incorporated into the new catalog, offering a comprehensive look at all of Smalley's 10,000 standard parts.

Smalley has manufactured Laminar Seal Rings for years, however, the increased popularity in metal seals allowed for the series to be incorporated into the catalog for the first time. Smalley Laminar Seal Rings are an alternative means of sealing components in assemblies from contamination. Laminar Rings can withstand higher temperatures and more corrosive environments tan common O-rings or conventional rubber seals.

George Nisbet, Smalley's Vice President of Operations says, "The 50th Anniversary catalog celebrates 50 years of Smalley Steel Ring Company's commitment to excellence in quality, service and products that offer extreme value. For over 50 years Smalley Steel Ring Company has been the industry leader, setting the standard for on time delivery and product innovation."

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