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Automotive Stamping Facility Installs New Lube and Reclamation System that Eliminates Tramp Oils and Enables Lubricant Re-Use

Industrial Innovations, a leading manufacturer of industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries, has announced the installation of its plant-wide lubrication management system at a Tier One automotive stamping facility in Ohio. The solution provides lubricant proportional mixing, lubricant spraying capability, and a MSR-style reclamation unit to replace an existing system.

The PRO-MIX lubricating system is manufactured to thoroughly mix lubricant concentrate with water to the desired mixture, and distribute the mixture to each press through an in-plant piping network.



Industrial Innovations designed and installed the comprehensive lubrication solution, which consists of a Triple Pro-Mix 5 system capable of mixing a lubricant at three different ratios simultaneously and four Spra-Rite application systems that dispense lubricant throughout the plant. Additionally, the solution has a MSR 33 Lubricant Recycling System for filtering of dirt particles and elimination of tramp oils, enabling lubricant re-use.

The company chose Industrial Innovations equipment based upon its other facilities with successful implementations of the Spra-Rite and Pro-Mix equipment. The MSR-reclamation unit will also help the facility maintain its 14001 Environmental Management System with reduced coolant requirements and less equipment downtime.

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