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EMO Conference to Showcase New Machinery Concepts and Automation Solutions in the Aerospace Industry

For the second time now, the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) at the Leibniz Universitat Hannover, Germany, is joining forces with the Machining Innovation Network to host an international event called "New Manufacturing Technologies in the Aerospace Industry", under the aegis of the EMO Hannover.

On September 18th and 19th, international experts from the industrial sector and the academic community will be discussing on the exhibition grounds how the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry can be met even more effectively with new machinery concepts, automation solutions and the use of the CAD-CAM chain.

"The aerospace industry is one of Europe's most successful sectors, but also one of the most demanding", says Cord Siefken, Chairperson of the Machining Innovation Network and Plant Manager at Premium Aerotec in Nordenham, Germany. "An important contribution to its leading role is made not least by the innovative vigor of its production technology vendors and the concomitant research activities," adds Siefken. Despite long planning timeframes for individual projects, he continues, innovations are continually being premiered. There is a particular demand at present for resource-efficiency coupled with high levels of quality and productivity, both in the products concerned and the relevant production processes.

The aviation conference at the EMO Hannover 2013 is themed around the challenges and solutions involved. In four thematic categories, ongoing trends will be addressed in the relevant production and machine technologies, and on planning and organization. In addition, for the first time, academic presentations will complement these three areas in a dedicated session.

"With its keynote theme of 'Intelligence in Production', the EMO Hannover provides an illuminating framework for our conference," says Professor Berend Denkena, a Director of the IFW, and a member of the Machining Innovation Network's Executive Committee. "Direct networking between the production technology offered and ideas from the research community and the aviation sector shows where the challenges are and what areas are in need of intensive work," he adds.

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