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New Ways to Find the Right Chuck Jaw Using Your Computer, iPad, or iPhone

SCHUNK has two new programs to help users quickly find the right type of jaws for their chuck.

The SCHUNK chuck jaw quick-finder makes tracking down the suitable standard chuck jaw simple. By putting in the chuck manufacturer, type, size, and details, the users will receive a comprehensive list of all relevant chuck jaws. The tool includes lathe chucks from Berg, Forkardt, Howa, Kitagawa, MMK Matsumoto, Rohm, SCHUNK, and SMW-Autoblok.

Users have access to more than 1,200 chuck jaw types, and once found, can be ordered from an authorized SCHUNK distributor. You will find the chuck jaw quick-finder on the internet, free of charge, at

SCHUNK also introduced the world's first chuck jaw app for your iPad or iPhone. It is similar to the quick jaw finder, and allows users to receive a quote on the jaws they selected. This free app is available to download at The App Store under the headings "Chuck Jaws" or "SCHUNK".

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