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New Milling Chuck Ideal for Roughing and Finishing with Concentricity of 0.0004"

EASTEC attendees will be among the first to experience REGO-FIX's new millTite Milling Chucks designed to provide the least possible amount of run- out and highest possible gripping force available from a milling chuck. Ideal for roughing and finishing, the millTite chucks provide unbeatable concentricity of 0.0004" at 4 x Diameter and can be reduced with sleeves for versatility to match the tool with the specific machining application at hand.

Helical internal slots and extra thick walls help ensure durability, long working lives and smooth clamping. Furthermore, the multi-seal design of the chucks helps keep dirt and debris out and seals the system for coolant through applications.

MillTite chuck nuts seat positively against holder body bases to reduce the risk of over tightening and increase holder rigidity and stability. The roller bearing cages of the holders incorporate alternating patterns that distribute clamping forces evenly around cutting tools to ensure the best possible T.I.R. and system repeatability from clamp to clamp. MillTite chucks work in CAT 40, CAT 50, BT-40 and HSK 63A spindles, while milling chuck sleeves accommodate collet diameters from 0.250" to 1.00".

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