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Flexible Pallet Container Handles Heavy Loads Up to 7500 Kg (16,535 lbs.)

Fastems, LLC has announced the addition of the FPC-7500 to its complete line of "Flexible Pallet Container" type automation systems. Fastems standard line of FPC's is a progressive alternative to outdated "pallet pool" technology and provides end users and machine tool builders with a complete FMS installed in a "container". The Fastems FPC-7500 is the newest edition to its line of entry-level FMS solutions.

Like the FPC-3000, introduced at IMTS 2012, the FPC-7500 is a single-level flexible manufacturing system specifically designed to handle 1000mm and 1250mm pallets where large load capacity is required. Fastems has replaced the typical crane-style pallet changer with a new, dual-rail guided pallet change vehicle sporting a unique low-profile design. This system accommodates loads up to 7500 kg, heights up to 2300mm and diameters up to 2300mm.

The standard FPC-7500 is configured with a load station and 4 pallet positions. However, the unit is easily expandable, either initially or in the field, into configurations of 6/8/10/or 12 pallet positions.

The FPC-7500 comes equipped with the latest Fastems Manufacturing Management System (MMS) Cell Controller. Fastems MMS5 software can extend from a single manufacturing cell to a full featured shop-wide system, integrated with other manufacturing plant software, such as ERP and MRP systems and is fully compatible with MT Connect. As with all Fastems FMS equipment, the FPC-7500 can be installed with a new machine investment or can be added to an existing machining center.

"The immediate success and positive customer feedback we have had with the FPC-3000 also indicated that there was strong demand for a larger pallet size and capacity container" said Richard Bodine, Fastems VP Sales & Marketing. "We are very excited about the FPC-7500 and believe it fills an important need in the marketplace."

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