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New Multi-Edge Rough Face Milling Cutter Saves Time with Innovative Insert Clamping System

Sandvik Coromant introduces CoroMill 357, a new tough multi-edge face milling cutter for roughing and cubing in steel and cast iron with high insert security.

In typical applications, such as rough face milling, cubing, intermittent component figurations, components with uneven stock or forgings, welding and castings, applying CoroMill 357 achieves a high metal removal rate and superior productivity.

The CoroMill 357 multi-edge design presents a cost efficient solution because the double sided, thick pentagonal inserts housed in shim-protected tip seats provides superior production economy and reliable performance.

The mill's secure, strong cutter body features an innovative insert clamping system that offers quick and easy insert indexing to save time. Large support-faces radially, axially and on the base prevent deformation and ensure consistent performance.

Suitable for ISO 50 and larger machines, CoroMill 357 takes a depth of cut up to 10 mm (0.394 in.) with a feed per tooth up to 0.7 mm/z (0.0276 in./z).

CoroMill 357 is available n diameter sizes 100-315 mm (4-10 in.).

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