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Uncertainty Over Obamacare Drives Manufacturing Company President to Build Healthcare Facility

With the lack of clarity surrounding Obamacare provisions, many companies are blindly navigating the way in which they will provide healthcare for their employees. Rather than wait for these provisions to take effect, some companies are taking the healthcare of their employees into their own hands such as Bremen Castings, a foundry and machine shop in Bremen, Indiana.

Ribbon cutting for the new on-site wellness center at Bremen Castings.



President JB Brown explains that his company opened an on-site wellness center for employees so they will always have access to affordable healthcare. "At a time when more businesses than ever before are looking for ways to cut back on healthcare services to control costs, we have decided to put that service at the forefront for our employees," says Brown. "In addition, our facility is cash-free, meaning that employees and dependents can receive free generic prescriptions and care."

Below are a few of the reasons Bremen Castings has decided to take control over their healthcare services:

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