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Optical Measurement System Offers Accuracy Not Seen Before; Ideal for All Stages of Automotive Body Production

NextSense GmbH, a provider of optical sensor technology, will present the CALIPRI non-contact multi-platform method for the quick recording and flexible analysis of gap contours at the CONTROL 2013 trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany.

"CALIPRI meets the requirements of the automotive industry for ever narrower gap dimensions and measurement solutions independent of platform," said Christoph Bohm, Marketing Manager at NextSense. "The optical measurement system allows for measurements of an accuracy unknown up to now as well as the universal use of one and the same measurement device in all stages of automotive body production."

Geometry data of gaps can be examined with CALIPRI just as with a feeler gauge or stencil. In contrast to other methods, CALIPRI delivers measurement results free of assumptions even deep down in the gap through non-contact profile recording. The versatile, precise and easy-to-use optical measuring instrument CALIPRI is available in three versions: The "CALIPRI Portable" for mobile gap and flush measurements; the "CALIPRI Inline Operator" for manual use on the assembly line; and the fully automated, robotic system "CALIPRI Inline Robot". The last-mentioned system will be presented for the first time at the CONTROL 2013 trade fair.

The highlights of CALIPRI include:

As a portable device or on the production line, CALIPRI increases both process reliability and quality in the production process. Measurement data and test plans can be exchanged between the CALIPRI systems and the user's quality assurance system.

Recently, NextSense GmbH has been awarded a contract worth millions from a German premium carmaker: The CALIPRI optical measurement system will be used worldwide in the production of a new model range in the future. As part of its quality assurance, gap and flush will be measured by the CALIPRI method in compliance with the company's high premium standards across all production steps, from the car body shell up to the finished vehicle.

The selection process was decided in favor of the optical measurement system by NextSense mainly for the reason that it is implementable -- both inline and portable -- on various platforms. "With CALIPRI, the measurement results of the premium carmaker -- owing to the identical measurement method -- will be for the first time completely operator-independent and comparable on multiple platforms in terms of production and quality assurance," Christoph Bohm emphasizes. "This is a crucial aspect for an automobile manufacturer, because gaps of car bodies contribute a great deal to the positive perception of a car. Especially for premium producers, accurate gap measurements are an important criterion for quality. The trend toward ever narrower gap dimensions requires more accurate measurement methods that are exactly reproducible -- like CALIPRI."

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