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New Premium-Performance, Boron-Free, Multi-Metal Coolant Extends Sump Life and Reduces Consumption Rates

Chemetall, a leading innovator in metalworking fluids, has introduced Tech Cool® 35048BF, a boron-free solution for global manufacturers requiring premium performance. Boron continues to see increased regulatory pressure in the United States and Europe, resulting in many corporations reducing or eliminating the substance from their chemical programs.

Tech Cool 35048BF is breakthrough technology where Chemetall's research team has been able to maintain all the critical performance parameters required of a premium coolant, and significantly improve the lubricity characteristics on aluminum. This is without the use of boron compounds, chlorine, sulfur or phosphorous. Tech Cool 35048BF is completely free of DCHA and formaldehyde donating compounds.

A key product in the very successful "platform" approach to coolant technology, Tech Cool 35048BF provides long sump life, low odors without the use of bactericides, reduced foam levels, exceptional corrosion resistance and high lubricity. Substrate staining, typically a challenge for metalworking fluids, has been eliminated with Tech Cool 35048BF, making it the ideal product for machining ferrous, aluminum, copper and brass substrates.

Consistent with the portfolio of Chemetall microemulsion coolants, Tech Cool 35048BF achieves a highly stable emulsion that rejects tramp oils and minimizes residues, greatly extending sump life and reducing coolant consumption rates. Outstanding lubricity extends tool life over conventional fluids reducing operating costs. Stable in hard water and compatible with recycling programs, Tech Cool 35048BF is designed for central systems and stand alone machines.

"The market place is more global in nature than ever before," states Ken Reindl, Business Manager for Metalworking at Chemetall. "Our customers are demanding to use the same premium chemistry throughout their operations. Tech Cool 35048BF provides the perfect balance of exceptional performance, ease of operation, worker acceptance and return on investment. Manufacturers can now make their parts faster and better, generate less waste and remain fully compliant."

Tech Cool 35048BF is made at Chemetall's new, high efficiency manufacturing plant in Blackman Township, MI. It is available in pails, drums, totes and bulk deliveries.

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