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Digital Tradeshows Debut Today; Introduce Innovative Technologies That Save Time and Money

As an ongoing expansion of information, services and support to its own customer base as well as to the CNC machining industry at-large, Techniks, located in Indianapolis, IN, will introduce web-based, Digital Tradeshows (DTS) beginning February 20, 2013. The first DTS will focus on its core tool holding line with Advanced Milling Methods.

Techniks will produce Digital Tradeshows each month throughout the year. Each presentation focuses on innovative technology from one of its product lines -- Techniks, Earth Chain Magnetic Workholding and Nexus Cutting Tools -- that improves machining processes to save time and money.

Through the Digital Tradeshow format, Techniks enhances its abilities as a solution provider to the CNC machining industry. "We've always prided ourselves on superior customer support on site and over the phone. Now, this is our effort to give out valuable help and information through an interactive web-based experience," stated Greg Webb, Vice President of Sales for the company.

Attendees will be able to interact with the presenters through live chat. "It's like stopping by our tradeshow booth, seeing a demo and being able to chat with our support team, but without the travel and expense," continued Webb.

Digital Tradeshows are approximately thirty minutes long and are scheduled with both coast's time zones in mind.

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