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New High-Performance Workholding Spindle Reaches Maximum Speed of 10,000 RPM; Ideal for Diamond Turning

Precitech, a global manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining solutions, now offers the HS 150 High-Performance Precision Workholding Spindle for its Nanoform® 250, Nanoform® 250 UltraGrind, Nanoform® 700, and Nanoform® 700 FreeForm Diamond Turning Machines.

The HS 150's most noteworthy enhancement is its maximum speed of 10,000 RPM. This wider working range eliminates the need to switch spindles when machining parts requiring different cutting speeds. Additionally, the HS 150 reaches thermal stability in 13 minutes, which is five times faster than the current product. This reduction in soak time allows operators to start cutting parts faster. These two product features allow for greater productivity.

"Even more intriguing than the faster soak out time is that the thermal growth of the HS 150 is 6 times less than its predecessor. Spindle growth is one of the most significant error sources in machine tools, and this new spindle essentially eliminates the effect of this error source for many applications," notes Dr. Jeffrey Roblee, Vice President of Technology at Precitech.

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