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Largest Gantry CMM Delivered to OEM for the Production of Aircraft Structural Components

COORD3, a certified CMM manufacturer based in Italy with operations in the U.S., recently delivered a massive gantry-style CMM to a major CMM OEM to be used in the production of aircraft structural components.

This special gantry CMM has a measuring volume of 20m (65.6 ft) x 5m (16.4ft) x 3m (9.8 ft) and is the largest CMM COORD3 has supplied to date.

COORD3 is one of the very few CMM manufacturers capable of manufacturing very large gantry-style CMM machines used for measuring large sophisticated parts to just a few microns. In 2012 they supplied a record number of gantry CMMs including one equipped with the Renishaw REVO 5-axis scanning technology allowing accurate and rapid measurements to be performed significantly faster than with traditional fixed head scanning CMM machines.

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