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New Skiving and Roller Burnishing Tool 90% Faster Than Conventional Honing

Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new range of skiving and roller burnishing tools that allow manufacturers to finish cylinder bores in machine times of up to 90 per cent less than conventional honing techniques. Thanks to enhanced process security, faster cycle times are achieved without any detriment to extremely accurate finished tube diameters.

Rapid and Precise

Using Sandvik Coromant skiving and roller burnishing tools offers machine shops the highest process security for producing a true, round bore. Designed for the machining of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders over a diameter range from 38 to 305.9 mm (1.5 to 12 inch), the tools produce precision tube finish diameters from entrance to exit -- all while saving valuable machining time.

Among the many technical features of the new tools, separate skiving and burnishing operations help minimize the power requirement and feed force. On the forward stroke, skiving at high feed prepares the bore for burnishing, while on the return stroke, roller burnishing takes place with the skiving inserts retracted to retain the high quality bore surface. Having separate operations also means that feeds and speeds can be optimized separately for skiving and roller burnishing.

Mirror Finish

Roller burnishing is a method of cold working metal surfaces to induce compressive residual stresses and produce mirror-like surface finishes of 0.05-0.20 Ra. Designed for processing all common extruded tubes, including seamless and drawn-over mandrel (DOM) types, the new Sandvik Coromant tools can be used on deep hole drilling machines or honing machines (a machine tool with forward and reverse feed options provides optimum performance and highest machine utilization).

Sandvik Coromant offers standard spare parts and stocked inserts, and the latter now includes three new skiving inserts for better tool life and higher machine tool utilization due to improved wear resistance. The new inserts are based on grade GC1025, a high performance, PVD-coated, micro-grain carbide.

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