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"Hang Gliding" Car Wins the 3D Design Challenge

SpaceClaim, a leading provider of flexible and affordable 3D for engineering design and manufacturing, and GrabCAD, a web destination for engineers to share their talent, expand knowledge, and work with tools and features that make life better, announced the winners of the SpaceClaim GrabCAD Challenge. Participants were asked to start with GrabCAD's collection of models or models from other sources to improve someone else's design using SpaceClaim Engineer.

First Place - Flaviano Crespi combined many models from the GrabCAD site to create a new automobile concept based on hang glider aerodynamics. The judges deemed this entry to be original and have a high level of detail and modeling complexity. The resulting "formula-mix" design is a good example of how easily new designs can be created from disparate concepts, explored, and evaluated using SpaceClaim. Flaviano is the winner of $3,000 plus a perpetual license of SpaceClaim Engineer.

"SpaceClaim is fantastic," said Mr. Crespi, "and it was fun to use and I did all this work with no training or technical assistance because SpaceClaim is so intuitive to use. This work would have taken me four times longer using any of the traditional CAD packages. I highly recommend SpaceClaim to anyone who needs to design a complex device quickly," he added.

Second Place - Victor Teran created a portable pullover rain guard for use when biking in an unexpected rain storm.

By re-using supporting models (bike parts, human figure, plus models created with other modeling tools) along with SpaceClaim's direct editing and creation capabilities, Victor was able to quickly illustrate his original concept. The judges liked his use of SpaceClaim as an early 3D prototyping tool that helped turn his initial concept sketches into 3D models and renderings. Victor is the winner of $2,000 plus a perpetual license of SpaceClaim Engineer.

Third Place - Ismail H. Sanliturk submitted a design for a modified RepRap DIY 3D printer.

RepRap printers are designed to be able to print most of their own components. Without access to a 3D printer, however, Ismail wanted to redesign the RepRap so that it could be easily created on a 3-axis milling machine. SpaceClaim made this task easy as it afforded Ismail the flexibility to precisely measure and change any element of the design. The judges especially appreciated his use of SpaceClaim's drawing capabilities to document the resulting design. Ismail is the winner of $1,000 plus a perpetual license of SpaceClaim Engineer.

"All of us at SpaceClaim congratulate the winners and all of the entrants," said Chris Randles, SpaceClaim President and CEO. "It clearly demonstrates how SpaceClaim makes it easy to reuse a wide variety of existing CAD data to create new concepts. These results mirror what our customers do every day: innovate by creating new products that are directly derived from existing work, without remodeling."

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