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Aerospace Excellence Center Adopts Ultra High-Performance Toolpath Technology

Celeritive Technologies, Inc., developers of VoluMill™, announced that The DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH, The Aerospace Excellence Center, has adopted the use of VoluMill. Under this initiative, The Aerospace Excellence Center will leverage Celeritive's ultra high-performance toolpath engine VoluMill™, integrated with Siemens NX CAM, to support pre-sales and post-sale activities around the world.

VoluMill provies an easy, quick, and cost effective way for machining operations to reduce cost, shorten delivery times and increase productivity. Adopted by large and small organizations around the world and across all industries, VoluMill's patented technology generates toolpaths that produce a consistent material removal rate.

Their smooth, flowing motion establishes and maintains ideal milling conditions in any part shape. Reduced forces on the spindle and cutting tool enable machining hardware to be safely utilized to its full capabilities. Uniform chip formation and excellent heat dissipation result in the previously unachievable combination of dramatically reduced cycle times and significantly extended cutting-tool life.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with DECKEL MAHO, one of the world's leading machine tool builders with a reputation for superior quality and innovation. The Aerospace Excellence Center's focus on aerospace applications is directly in line with many of Celeritive's industry distinctive initiatives," says Terry Sorensen, CEO for Celeritive. "Our Aerospace business is growing rapidly as companies discover how quickly VoluMill improves profitability, delivery times and production capacity."

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