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Feel the Heat....and Make It Work For You!

Three different shops offer their solutions to managing machining heat. Their results included tripled removal rates, cycle times reduced from 5 to 2 hours, 5x extended edge life, and spindle speeds and feed rates that defy belief.

Usually machining heat impairs milling, but sometimes it can help. On the one hand, too much heat can weaken the cutting edge or distort the workpiece, and even squander "up time" for indexing because the tool is too hot to handle. On the other, a little heat imparted to the cutting zone on hardened steels can facilitate things.

While running "lights-out", six-inch Ingersoll-TEDI MILL PCD cartridge cutter finishes crankcase surface at 8000 RPM and 300 IPM -- four times faster than with previous PCD cartridge cutter, and with better finish and flatness.



"The trick is to manage the heat, to direct the bulk of it into the chip rather than the tool or workpiece, and to expel that hot chip fast," says Konrad Forman, North American milling product manager for Ingersoll Cutting Tools. "If you see the tool or workpiece glowing orange, there's always a better way, and the remedy usually involves a more efficient geometry at the cutting edge."

Recent Cases

Mr. Forman gave three recent examples:

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