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New Copy Mill's 12 Cutting Edges and Double-Sided Inserts Effective at High Speeds and in Multiple Milling Tasks

WIDIA™ has announced the M200™ copy mill as its latest addition to the WIDIA Victory™ line of tooling. WIDIA's new M200 series is suitable for the die and mold, energy, and aerospace industries and is engineered to outperform in roughing to semi-finishing applications.

The revolutionary IC12mm double-sided inserts used with this platform are capable of running in multiple types of milling operations and workpiece materials. This series of milling inserts is available in three distinctive geometries that are specifically designed for multiple milling tasks: ML for stainless steel and high-temp alloys; MM for general purpose milling, including steel; and MH for heavy applications like cast iron and high-strength steels. With 12 cutting edges, the M200 series offers a competitive cost per edge.

Available in milling grades WK15PM, WP25PM, WU35PM, WP35CM, the M200 is designed to work effectively at high speeds and is engineered for longer tool life in finishing to heavy roughing operations. Additionally, the anti-rotation feature included in this platform enhances insert stability and ensures safety during operation Tool bodies for the M200 series also come in a variety of internally cooled styles, including screw-on, Weldon®, cylindrical, and shell mill. Each body style was designed with an easy-to-use anti-rotation feature that provides excellent stability for higher feed rates and cutting forces. Each of the tool bodies has a higher clearance to permit pocketing, profiling, and 5-axis machining applications.

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