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New Electric Pin Marker Handles Variety of Parts with 40% Larger Mark Field

MB Metal Technologies is debuting the MB8020 from its MarkinBOX portable electric pin markers, along with a new rotary device and options for bench top and integrated applications.

With a mark field of 3.15" (80mm) x .79" (20mm), the MB8020 portable electric pin marker is available in a variety of colors.



The MB8020 is a turn-key solution for marking a variety of parts that offers the easy handling of the MB3315 with a 40% larger mark field of 3.15" (80mm) x .79" (20mm). The unit weighs in at 5.29 lbs. (2.4 kg) and supports both USB and RS232C connections. A range of standard and TOCHO fonts are available and the MB8020 function while connected solely to its separate controller or to a PC. A highly user-friendly graphic interface makes programming fast and easy.

While still highly convenient as compact portable units, the MarkinBOX series of products can be fit to a custom base for bench top use. MB Metal Technologies can also integrate these models into a production line for further part and tag marking efficiency.

Both negative and positive claw options are available with the MB-ROTARY-Z for the MarkinBOX models (negative claw shown).



Bench top applications for the MB1010, MB3315 and MB8020 also have the advantage of using the optional MB-ROTARY-Z rotary device to easily mark serial numbers, time/date stamps, numbers, letters and more around part diameters. The MB-ROTARYZ marks inner diameters from 25mm -- 70mm and outer diameters from 5mm -- 63mm. Optional larger chuck devices are available.

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