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New 150 Ton Hydraulic Press Shortens Lead Times By Combining Three Operations into One

Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc. recently built a new small footprint 150-ton gib-guided hydraulic press designed for a U.S. tool manufacturing application. The robot-fed press offers increased capacity and capability while providing shorter lead times for forming, trimming and coining a heated part in a three station tool.

The new press features a uni-frame design that consolidates three operations into one progressive station, providing shorter lead times. The frame is modified at the bottom to allow for a scrap conveyor to remove trim scraps through the bed plate onto the conveyor.

A six point gib-guided press slide offers guiding stability with excellent tolerance for off-center loading. Long, greaseless graphite plugged bearing bronze wear strips ensure maximum slide contact and excellent wear resistance.

The press provides fast cycle times which limit the amount of heat buildup from the parts in the tooling and keep the heat from migrating into the press frame as well. Greenerd's state-of-the-art press control allows programming for multiple hits using both pressure and distance reversal, providing the flexibility to select the best method for each job.

"Greenerd engineers have years of experience successfully designing presses for a broad range of manufacturing applications," stated Mr. Tim Dining, President of Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc. "This press is a great example of how they utilize the latest technologies to deliver the most efficient and reliable machine capabilities."

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