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New Drill Heads Feature Guiding Pads that Reduce Cost Per Hole in Tough Drilling Conditions

The simple but effective KSEM PLUS™ modular system from Kennametal combines the benefits of the KSEM™ modular drill (high feeds and length-to-diameter [L/D] ratios) with the benefits of an indexable drill (high speeds and low consumable costs). Kennametal is now extending its KSEM PLUS range by introducing new KSEM PLUS B1 Heads with DFC guiding pads to deliver reduced cost per hole in difficult drilling conditions.

The enhanced capabilities of the B1 Heads can handle drilling through stacked materials, inclined exits, drilling through cross holes, and interrupted cut conditions. With these new pads, KSEM PLUS B1 Heads benefit from accurate guidance of the head when drilling through cross holes with widths up to 50% of the drill's diameter. They also eliminate spiral marks and grooves and enable high-quality hole exits for reliable drilling from two sides when indexing drilling directions.

KSEM PLUS B1 Heads offer two effective cutting edges that work well at high feed rates to reduce the load per edge, compensate for radial forces, and prevent disk build up with only two chips per edge. They are available in standard sized from 28-70mm and customized solutions from 28-127mm.

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