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New 7-Axis Twin Spindle Multi-Tasking Center Features Full B-Axis and 27 Tool Capacity

Machine tool importer Absolute Machine Tools has introduced the Quicktech XTS-42 7-axis twin spindle multi-tasking turning center. The high precision, high production CNC bar processing center enables complete part machining including milling of complex features.

Available in both 42mm and 60mm (1.65" or 2.36") bar capacities as the XTS-42 or XTS-60, the machines feature 7 axes, 2 turning spindles, 1 milling spindle, and a capacity of 27 tools. A 3-axis (X,Y, Z) gang type vertical tool post serves each spindle, with the tool post featuring a full B axis for the live tools. Maximum turning length for the main spindle is 226mm (9.05"), and maximum turning diameter for the subspindle is 98.5mm (3.94").

The main spindle has a 15HP high torque spindle motor, and the sub-spindle is equipped with a 5HP high torque spindle motor for backworking. Both spindles feature a full continuous C axis with braking system and standard 42mm DIN-173-42B collet chucks. The main spindle has either 42mm or 60mm bar capacity, the sub-spindle has 30mm (1.18") bar capacity, and the spindles are synchronized for fast and accurate part transfer. The cartridge-type spindles employ P4 high precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting ability.

Each spindle is served by a single 3-axis gang tooling system. The tool post features 7 O.D. turning tools (4 front, 3 rear), 1 cut-off toolholder, 10 I.D. turning tools (5 front, 5 rear), 3 radial live tool heads and 6 axial live tool heads (3 front, 3 rear). The live heads are powered by a 2HP spindle motor. The B axis allows the live tools to rotate -45 degrees to +45 degrees and be applied to both the main and the sub spindle. In addition, the tool post has a Y axis for off-center milling operations.

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