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New Precision Honing Catalog Provides Complete Information for Makers of Small Engines, Gears, Guns, Aerospace Parts and More

Sunnen Products' new 192-page Precision Honing Supplies catalog is a complete guide for making perfect holes.

Broken into 12 tabbed sections, the catalog opens with a handy selection guide and follows with full details on mandrels, tooling, abrasives, machine accessories, gaging, filters, honing oils and coolants.

The catalog features custom tooling lines -- such as Sunnen's MMT high-precision, metal-bond, superabrasive mandrels and PH (Precision Hone) tools with in-process air gaging system -- and includes Sunnen's new vegetable-based honing oils and digital dial bore gages. A technical data reference section with stone code chart, surface finish guide, instruction on honing techniques and a honing glossary is also included.

The easy-to-navigate catalog features exploded views, detailed part information and clearly marked tabs for quick location of specific products and ordering information. It can be ordered or downloaded from Sunnen's website.

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