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New, Quickly Customized Assembly Transport Frame Can Reduce Processing Costs Up to 80%

igus® has introduced a new, modular transportation frame to facilitate the installation of its pre-assembled ReadyChain® systems. QuickRack is customizable and allows fast and accurate machine interfacing, as well as shortened delivery and assembly times.

It typically takes several weeks for a provisional frame to be drafted, constructed in steel, and delivered. After delivery, changes to the welded frame are difficult to make. In contrast, the QuickRack modular transport-and-assembly frame is made from telescopic support and brace modules which permit length adjustments at any point. The entire system is also easy to move thanks to specially developed transport units designed by igus specifically for the frame.

The QuickRack system can be assembled on-site within one day. If modifications are required due to later changes to the machine, the system is versatile enough to permit this. If the machine series is discontinued, the transport-and-assembly frame can be dismantled into individual parts and re-used. This is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution than traditional transport frames, which have to be disposed of at the end of production.

QuickRack is profitable even for small production volumes. Processing costs up to 80 percent can be saved during the prototyping phase.

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