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A Chance to Win $3000 in Contest to Improve Someone Else's Design

Whether merging two ideas together like putting a camera in your phone, modifying a single design like combining a fork and spoon to get a spork, or combining a bicycle and a lawn mower to get a riding lawn mower, SpaceClaim can just as easily modify existing models, or merge different files types created in any other system, resulting in a brand new design.

Take part in this contest by using SpaceClaim Engineer combined with GrabCAD's incredible collection of models or models from other sources to improve someone else's design, or extend your own previous designs. Use SpaceClaim's direct editing tools to split and recombine the designs, modify existing geometry, and make your ideas come alive.

Entries will be judged based on the quality of the new concept generated. High quality designs will make strong use of existing models but also add in a creative, artistic, or functional way. Send both the initial model(s), and the final concept so it is clear what value you have added to the design.

Finished models should be uploaded to participants' GrabCAD accounts and tagged SpaceClaimGrabCADChallenge.

Challenge Period: Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2012


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SpaceClaim - GrabCAD Challenge

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