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Lady Liberty to Help Debut New Gear Hobbing Centers

Visitors to the Riten Industries exhibit at IMTS will be surprised to see a giant fiberglass replica of the Statue of Liberty. Standing over 13 feet, the statue holds aloft not a torch but a Riten live center.

To support the company's successful center repair and trade-in program, the base of the statue is engraved with "Give me your tired, your poor, your rusty centers yearning to turn free". Amidst graphics celebrating Riten's nearly 80 years as a 100 percent American manufacturer will be samples of the firm's entire line of live and dead centers, face drivers, engineered workholding and customized tail stocks. Several new products will be introduced at the show, including the X-Series Gear Hobbing Centers, spring-loaded linear compensating designs, and a shank mounted gauge to measure tail stock pressure. Want more information? Click below.


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