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3D High-Speed Toolpath Uses Bi-Directional Cutting Strategy to Slash Roughing Time

OptiRest is the latest 3D high speed toolpath from Mastercam. It performs rest rough milling operations to remove stock left from roughing passes with large cutters. This powerful new toolpath compares the in-process stock model to the intended shape to create an optimized dynamic milling cleanup pass. The result is precise, efficient motion that is easier on your tooling and your machine.

The toolpath supports cutters capable of machining very large depths of cut. It uses an aggressive, fast, intelligent roughing algorithm based on Mastercam's 2D high speed dynamic milling motion. A single toolpath can cut material in two directions: on step downs (-Z) and step ups (+Z). This highly efficient bi-directional cutting strategy removes the maximum amount of material with the minimum of step downs, significantly reducing cycle times.

"The beauty of OptiRest is that you don't need any special tooling to use it. It simply uses the tools you have now, but in a much more efficient way," says Gary Hargreaves, VP, Business Development.

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