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Metrology System's New iGPS Receiver Extends Measurement Range While Improving Data Quality and Accuracy

The newest product in the iGPS family is the i5 Integrated Sensor (i5is), a fully integrated 5 Degree of Freedom measurement device, ideal for applications ranging from vehicle tracking to automated assembly of large parts.

iGPS is a metrology system that uses a network of laser transmitters to create a measurement volume that can range in size from small vehicle assembly shops up to large aircraft Final Assembly Lines. The transmitters are used to triangulate the positions of hand held probes and sensors, like the i5is, to enable part inspection and tracking anywhere within the volume.

The i5is uses the newest generation of iGPS receiver technology, which delivers a significant leap forward in both performance and measurement reliability. The i5is integrates three previously separate components into one device while significantly improving data quality, extending measurement range, and improving accuracy. These new developments significantly improve the iGPS product offering by providing major advantages in both usability and performance.

Unprecedented Accuracy Over an Extended Range

At the heart of the Integrated Sensor is a new linear amplifier and 16 bit Analog to Digital converter with advanced digital signal processing. This new electronics suite provides the i5is with the most reliable and robust pulse detection of any iGPS sensor to date. The i5is is virtually unaffected by optical and environmental noise caused by lighting conditions and EMI sources. The result is a greater than 50 percent reduction in systematic biases, which drive down the uncertainty of iGPS measurements, and improve effective transmitter to sensor range.

Reliable & Compact with Ease of Use First in Mind

The i5is is a small, self-contained, fully functional device. With wired and wireless communication, support for three different power options, and a configurable sleep mode, the i5is ideal in almost any situation. To simplify the user's experience, the unit is completely plug and play and has calibration data that is stored onboard which is retrieved and used automatically. To add a new i5is into an iGPS network, simply turn it on and the software will automatically recognize and configure it for use.

Enhances the Strengths of iGPS

The new Integrated Sensor is ideal at applications where iGPS excels, namely assembly/alignment assistance and dynamic tracking. This includes:

i5is sensors deploy quickly and easily to track an object's native coordinate system in 6 degrees of freedom or provide relative positional feedback of multiple objects. The benefits to manufacturers include:

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