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New Twin Spindle, Twin Turret Lathe Turns, Drills and Mills in One Just 21 Seconds!

Taking its CSD Series of lathes to the next level, FUJI Machine America Corporation has equipped its new CSD-300R with live tools for the fastest machining in its class. This twin spindle, twin turret lathe can in one setup achieve turning, milling and drilling in just 21.2 seconds from start to finish.

For the fastest loading/unloading in its class, the CSD-300R boasts a Fuji-engineered hydraulic clamping robot loader with optimal robot paths. Heavy parts up to 7.87" x 4" Diameter, 5kg + 5kg are quickly and easily seated and transferred. Robot alignment to spindle centerline is achieved with the CSD-300R's robot control.

The CSD-300R turret achieves speeds of 0.26 sec. / index. Dual -- 100mm spindles (A2-6) are equipped with 15 / 20 hp high output spindle motors. The CSD-300R's heavy-duty Z- and X-axis box ways (with no quill for the Z-axis movement) allow for extreme rigidity and accuracy.

User-friendly features include a between-turret swing door for easy operator access, a rear (or optional side positioned) discharge chip conveyor, and maintenance items all conveniently located in one section on the machine.

FUJI also offers a large capacity CSD-400 version of this twin spindle lathe. Both versions will be on display at IMTS 2012.

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