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2 New High-Pressure Coolant Systems Handle Up to 12 Lines and Can Easily Be Re-Configured for Swiss or Non-Swiss Machines

MP Systems, an East Granby, Connecticut- based builder of high pressure coolant systems for CNC machine tools, will debut its new V2 general purpose, compact, high pressure coolant system and the new S2 combined high pressure coolant and chiller system at IMTS 2012.

Providing customers more flexibility is the basis of MP Systems' new product development, according to a company spokesperson. The product line has been refined and simplified to a few extremely versatile and broadly applicable systems that can be reconfigured easily for Swiss and non- Swiss use.

MP Systems' new products and their predecessors, the RF and RT Series, can accommodate two to twelve lines with a remote manifold block that also reduces hose clutter. All feature a clean and streamlined design including on-board feed pumps and are equally reliable when using oil or water- based coolant.

The new V2 is a general purpose, compact-design high pressure coolant system. The most recent addition to MP Systems' new generation product line, the V2 houses all of its internal components within a high quality sheet-metal frame body designed to fit under a standard height bar feeder. Premium casters allow easy relocation of the pump on the shop floor. A heat exchanger is an added option.

The new S2 is a combined high pressure coolant and chiller system. It provides up to 2000 psi at a rate of 5 gallons per minute when running oil based coolant and up to 1000 psi at a rate of 8 gallons per minute when running water based coolant. Real time monitoring is provided by the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) which uses air, reservoir, and outgoing coolant temperatures sensed by the S2's monitoring gauges to adjust performance and automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature and coolant temperature occurring throughout the production cycle and all cutting operations. Standard features include a 7-day timer clock and automatic shut-off system.

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