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New Hampshire Manufacturer Builds 562 Ton Triple-Action Draw Press With 280 Ton Cushion and 30 Ton Ram-Mounted Knockout

With product capabilities to 40,000 tons and bed sizes exceeding 240' (6,100mm), Greenerd presses are available in a variety of styles ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses. At their manufacturing facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, Greenerd recently completed construction of a 562 ton triple-action draw press with a 280 ton cushion and a 30 ton ram-mounted knockout.

The customer for this press, a US cookware manufacturer, is using the increased productivity from this press (including its 10" touchscreen press control and bar code scanner) to bring several product lines in-house from outside contractors.

Greenerd is also currently building a multiple-station "can line" for deep drawn cans.

Greenerd engineers have years of experience successfully designing presses for a broad range of manufacturing applications. They rely on the latest technologies to deliver the safest, most efficient and reliable machine capabilities.

Greenerd Press & Machine will be exhibiting the company's extensive hydraulic press capabilities at IMTS 2012.

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