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New 6-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe Slashes Cycle Time with True Simultaneous Main and Sub-Spindle Operation

REM Sales, LLC of Windsor, Connecticut has introduced the new B0326 32mm 6-axis Swiss type lathe.

Like the 5-axis machine pictured, the new 32 mm 6-axis Swiss-type lathe is from Tsugami's BO series.



“The B0326 extends the significant productivity gains normally associated with Tsugami’s higher priced S and SS Series machines to a very large customer base,” states REM Sales National Sales Manager, Scott Anthony. “It is a highly capable yet easy-to-operate and affordable machine that many shops making small diameter, high quality parts in large volumes will appreciate.”

The B0326 is the only 32mm Swiss type machine on the market that can easily and quickly be converted from direct-drive guide bushing bar-fed operation to non- guide bushing operation when fitted with an optional chucker kit. Ideal for short or prismatic parts, this added flexibility also reduces expensive material costs. Equipped with modular live tooling for quick changeovers and a large, easily accessible tool zone, the B0326 is ergonomically designed for the North American market. A dual path Fanuc 32i-B CNC slashes cycle time by permitting true simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle. The addition of a back rotary tool is optional, further enhancing the machine’s capabilities.

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