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New CNC Control Platform for Milling Machines Designed to be Flexible

OSAI Prima Electro's new CNC control platform for milling machines is designed and developed within the flexible element of the OPENcontrol family. The OPEN-XL CNC is a modular system with servo controlled axes and I/O modules distributed on a digital fieldbus.

The OPEN-XS is a compact real-time control unit based on a PC platform and is equipped with an axis control board and IOs. It is a complete entry-level system that can be supplied as black-box configuration, multi-platform and integrated with the new 15-inch color TFT, all-in-one compact panel.

OSAI’s new CNC control platform includes conversational programming for milling machines. Within the new software are “fill-in-the-blank” cycles for drilling, milling and the (OGE). The OSAI geometry editor can create profiles with lines, arcs and preset shapes such as rectangles. Users will have the ability to input known data auto-calculating the unknown data to complete the element configuration. Users also will have the ability to import DXF files and generate G-code programs.

To implement its new OPEN CNC, Prima Electro chose SIGMA5-SD drives and motors by Yaskawa. These new drives deliver a unique multi-drive system with power regeneration, biaxis control, spindle drives and motors. This gives Prima Electro a strong hardware/software combination for entering the metalworking marketplace, reports the company.

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