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New High-Torque Turning Center Provides Off-Center Milling and Versatile Four-Axis Cutting

Haas has introduced the new ST-10Y, a compact, accurate Y-axis turning center with milling capabilities. With four inches of Y-axis travel for off-center milling, drilling and tapping, the ST-10Y comes standard with high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven C axis for versatile four-axis cutting.

The CNC Lathe w/Y Axis features a 9" x 14" (229 x 356 mm) max capacity, 16.25" (413 mm) swing, 2.00" (50.8 mm) Y-axis travel, 15 hp (11.2 kW) vector drive, 6000 rpm, A2-5 spindle, 6.5" (165 mm) chuck, 12-station VDI turret, high-torque live tooling w/C axis, 15" color LCD monitor, memory lock keyswitch, spindle orientation, USB port and rigid tapping.

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