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Insert Sharpening Process Produces a New Cutting Edge at Half the Cost

R & J Tool's patented indexable carbide and ceramic insert sharpening process helps companies interested in achieving major cutting tool cost reductions, decreasing their waste stream, and limiting dependence on a volatile raw materials market.

R & J Tool sharpens inserts by selectively grinding material to produce a new cutting edge. This is not downsizing. The inscribed circle is not reduced, and the locating surfaces are not changed. The sharpening process takes into account specific customer applications with unique geometries, edge preps and coating combinations which allow the same or improved performance as the new insert at approximately half the cost. The process is available on carbide and ceramic inserts for both milling and turning applications.

A new plunge grind geometry and a unique ground wiper will be two of the new developments displayed at IMTS along with examples of sharpened milling and turning inserts, new and sharpened small-hole tooling, sharpened indexable drill tips, and the Tip-LokTM top clamp milling cutter.

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