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Fluid Filtration System Handles High Volume Swarf with Ease; Ideal for Grinding, Honing, and Tapping

The Rush Grinding Fluid Filtration system offers an optional magnetic separator prefilter and collection unit to handle high volume swarf applications with ease. Ideal for the grinding, honing and lapping industries, the Rush Grinding Fluid Filtration System is a high performance filtration system that utilizes edge filtration technology.

Balanced clean and dirty fluid tank sizes ensure separation of clean and dirty fluids, even during the automatic regeneration cycle. Unlike other systems, this system can filter either oil or water, resulting in a high degree of filtration ( one micron for oils and five micron for water-based fluids) with minimal customer maintenance. For use with carbide, HSS, stainless steel and other materials, the Rush system allows reclamation of high value materials.

Single and multiple pump configurations are available for clean fluid delivery and make the system highly flexible to meet customers' requirements. For dirty fluid handling, the system uses seal-less cast iron filter pumps that extend pump life.

Rush Machinery offers customized systems designed for specific machines and shop floor layout. Single and multiple machine and centralized configurations are available. All pneumatic and electrical controls are housed in conveniently located enclosures. Grinding Fluid Filtration System options include pre-filters for removing steel swarf when filtering steel or a mix of carbide and steel, as well as a selection of large capacity cooling systems made specifically for oil or water.

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