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Expanded Tooling System Ideal for Aerospace Industry

BIG Kaiser’s HSK-A125 tooling system, for machines such as Makino’s T2 and T4 models, is the ideal solution for the aerospace industry – capable of tackling large-scale titanium and other workpieces on massive tables.

The new A125 lineup is an expansion of BIG Kaiser’s existing HSK Form A program and is available on request. The lineup features a multitude of tool holder types, including HMC and Mega Double Power milling chucks up to Ø2”, Mega ER/Mega N/Mega E collet chucks, shrink fit holders, face mill adapters, Kaiser KAB adapters, and Mega Synchro Tapping Holders. All holders feature coolant through capability as standard, and most holder types offer a sealing solution for directing coolant through the tool, or coolant directed around the tool periphery.

“Selecting the proper tool holder for the application is the key,” says Alan Miller, engineering manager, BIG Kaiser. “Our HSK-A125 tooling system provides the variety that ensures that you have the right tool holder for the job, and the rigidity and precision to get the job done right. HSK-A125 is quickly becoming very popular in the aerospace industry.”

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