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New Tapping Tools Reduce Risk for Chipping and Improve Surface Quality

Sandvik Coromant now offers a full program of thread tapping tools for easy selection and use. The CoroTap tools are for optimized productivity in each ISO material and the Spectrum Tap tools are for reliable performance across a multitude of workpiece materials.


From the CoroTap range a number of benefits are expected, including high productivity and a highly efficient machining process. CoroTap 210 and CoroTap 370 are just two of the new introductions which are optimized for steel materials for through holes and blind-hole operations.

Edge design is an important feature, and the CoroTap edge treatment and grade ensures reduced axial forces and torque. This makes the tool run more smoothly and with reduced risk for chipping, improving the surface quality.

Spectrum™ Taps

Spectrum Taps are a full range of taps for multi-material use that provide good productivity and high capacity utilization through their versatility.

This range includes cutting taps available in a choice of DIN, DIN/ANSI, ANSI and ISO standard for through holes and blind holes. They guarantee high performance with good chip evacuation due to the optimized flute profile and a constant rake angle along the flute.

And forming taps with an optimized flute profile to generate low torque and smooth surface on the finished thread.

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