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New Turning Centers Ideal for 2-Axis High-Precision Machining or Complex Multi-Tasking Operations

Hardinge Inc. has announced the release of their newest and most advanced CNC machines, the T-51 and T-65 SUPER-PRECISION® and High-Performance Turning Centers.

The release of these new model T-Series machines follows the introduction of the T-42 turning center.

The T-51 and T-65 are ideal for two axis high precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and parts made complete in a single setup. High-Performance and SUPER-PRECISION® machine packages are pre-configured with their most popular features allowing users to select the proper machine tool configuration and precision level to produce parts in the most effective, accurate, and profitable manner.

Packages are available to choose from with features that include but are not limited to: Live Tooling with C-axis, Sub Spindle, Y-axis, Main Spindle Parts Catcher, and their unique Sub Spindle Parts Catcher designed for removing delicate high precision parts with critical surface finish requirements without damage to the part.

The Hardinge T-51 and T-65 machines feature:

A company spokesperson noted, "These two new products solidify our leadership in the field of SUPER-PRECISION® turning as well as our commitment to producing the highest quality machines for the global marketplace. We are proud to add these exceptional new machines to our product line".

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