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Waterjet Manufacturer Cuts Logo for National Geographic Channel's "DIGGERS"

National Geographic TV's new show "DIGGERS" features a metal "DIGGERS" logo cut by waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc. The waterjet-cut logo is featured prominently at the beginning of each episode.

DIGGERS, which piloted with two episodes on Feb. 28, features the zany treasure hunting adventures of Tim Saylor and George Wyant, extreme metal detecting experts and founders of During the opening of each episode, "Team ATC's" "King George" and "Ringmaster Tim" dig up the DIGGERS logo cut by Jet Edge.

Jet Edge cut the steel DIGGERS logo with a 90KSI X-Stream-powered Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system. To distress the part and encourage faster rusting, Jet Edge's test lab crew ran a fan-tipped waterjet head over the finished part to rough up the surface, then raised the water level in the tank and let the part soak overnight under water on top of metal slats.

The part was then sprinkled with sidewalk salt and left on the slats for a day to continue rusting. Within two days, Jet Edge had a part that looked like it had been in the ground for years waiting for DIGGERS to find it.

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